Monday, April 16, 2007

Sorry it's been a number of days. I was covering DA Mike Nifong's ethics hearing in downtown Raleigh, Friday and it ran late. Well, it ran late in the world of television news.

National crews were still on hand to cover the story. It's always funny to watch how pushy the national press is covering these stories. Locally, I have to say we're all generally courteous to each other and work out ahead of time how we will handle each situation.

After Nifong's hearing camera's surrounded the door and when Nifong walked out, a network reporter instantly began screaming questions at him even though he was just two feet away from him and all the cameras clearly had him cornered where he was forced to say something.

It always amazes me, despite going through it a number of times, how pushy those crews are. I can't blame them I guess though since it is probably a little crazier in New York and Washington D.C.

Anybody else just numb thinking about this Virginia Tech nightmare? Hard to even put it in words.

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