Monday, July 16, 2007

Jim Black makes headlines again today. This time in court papers filed he wants six more weeks before he starts eating prison food. In the documents his attorneys say the Feds need more time to find him a bed. That's not surprising, in fact, many of us were surprised when the judge ordered him to prison by July 30th. It typically takes the Feds around 60 days to find an open bed. He'll likely end up in Butner or South Carolina.

It was also surprising the judge said he was to be in prison by the end of the month because we knew he had to be sentenced in state court as well. We now know that will happen sometime the week of July 30th. That means he can't go to the Pen until after that date as well. Well, I should say wouldn't instead of can't. The courts often work together on these sorts of things.

I'm out of office most of the day tracking down a number of other things so I'll catch up on more later...

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