Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC-Day 2

Finally, had a break for two hours today. Adam Butler (photographer) and I decided we had to go check out Mall of America. Wow...that's big. I guess these folks need somewhere to go when it's so cold 6 months of the year. You betcha!

The real show finally started today. The RNC is bringing out the big guns. Former President Bush, President Bush, Sen. Lieberman. They are now just trying to showcase McCain's service and character.

Chaos pretty much reigns here. I was set up to interview SC Senator DeMint. He was a no-show. The scheduler emailed me 7 minutes before I was to meet him saying he wouldn't be available. I don't have a blackberry, so big help.

War heroes. That's the theme of the night. So far, they showed three movies. All featured Republicans doing heroic things in battle. Definite theme.

While the DNC last week was a rock show, the RNC is definitely lacking. The big entertainers out here were Jon Voight and Lynn Swann. Not the same A-listers as the DNC. Also, the production value of the video clips is no where near the DNC.

A moving moment during the beginning of the session. They listed all of the Republicans who died in the past four years. The second biggest round of applause went to the late Senator Jesse Helms from North Carolina. A polarizing figure for sure, but a man who dedicated his life for service. The biggest applause went to the late white house press secretary Tony Snow.

First Lady Laura Bush must be the most popular person left in the Republican party. She always receives the biggest round of applause and you can feel an excitement in the air when she is around. One journalist told me she's like the First Mom. "You really can't get mad at her."

More to come.


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