Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So, it's not political but it's pretty darn interesting. My bosses wanted me to go to a newser about cattle and hay this morning.

Turns out hay production is devastated by the drought. That hay provides feed for cows in the fall and winter months. Yep, it's a big big problem and many farmers are facing the reality of shutting down if something doesn't change.

Well, corn and soybean crops are destroyed as well so for the first time the state is working to make hay out of these dried out crops. Interesting huh?

Here's how bad the situation is...during the 2002 drought there was a need for 10,000 bales of hay because of a bad crop. This year that number is a whopping 800,000!!!

Like I said, it's not politics but it is very interesting! These are some of the non-political stories I cover when the GA is out and government is slow!!

Tomorrow I'm headed to out to National Guard headquarters to talk with Rep. Brad Miller and the Guard folks about readiness for hurricanes. You may remember a large amount of equipment remains overseas.

In the afternoon, Rep. Virginia Foxx drops by our studio.

Until then..have a great night!

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