Monday, August 20, 2007

Transportation issues continue... I had Sen. Richard Stevens (R-Wake) in studio today for a taping of Politcal Connections on toll roads and transportation.

He called on Governor Easley to call a special session for transportation. As many of you know there's been talk of a special session or at least a meeting of lawmakers, transportation officials, and others to get a plan to fund transportation. As my colleague David Ingram reporter in this morning's Charlotte Observer wrote that may not happen until 2009, however.

Stevens is against toll roads but he said many lawmakers are coming around to the idea because there currently is no way to build the roads before 2030 if toll roads are not utilized.

He's on the record as someone against privatizing the roads even if the state keeps control over the project and toll pricing. He also said the fact that they did so little for transportation was by far his biggest disappointment of the session.

For more on his views and Turnpike Authority Executive Director David Joyner make sure to chekc out Political Connections this weekend.

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