Monday, June 09, 2008

Dems support Obama...

Gov. Easley introduced Obama basically saying better late than never. John and Elizabeth Edwards are here as well.

So, I'm here covering the Barack Obama speech at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. It seems most of the top Democrats in the state are here. There's probably 500 people maybe. It's an invite only event. It's clear there are volunteers and supporters in addition to the public officials. There are people of all ages.

The list includes....

House Speaker Joe Hackney
Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand
State Treasurer Richard Moore
Rep. Ty Harrell
Rep. Dan Blue
U.S. Rep. GK Butterfield
U.S. Rep Bob Etheridge
Rep. Linda Coleman
Sec. of State Elaine Marshall
Sen. Vernon Malone
Ed Turlington (Edwards 04 Campaign Chair)
Hampton Dellinger (Frm. Lt. Gov. candidate)
NC NAACP Prez William Barber
Rep. Jennifer Weiss
Rep. Floyd McKissick
Rep. Verla Insko
Rep. Fisher

So far no sign of Gov. Easley or Sen. President Pro Tem Marc Basnight

Keep you posted!


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