Thursday, June 05, 2008

Will Easley veto budget?

Hello again! I'm back from a great five day trip to the Outer Banks.

I spent a short time at the General Assembly today because I had some meetings. What's interesting is the buzz I heard about the House budget and what's next.

We'll have to see what the Senate does with the budget and teacher pay in particular, but there is a lot of talk about the governor's reaction.

If you missed my interview with the Gov this past weekend I asked him if he would veto a budget that doesn't help teachers reach the national average in pay. He paused, grinned, then said he would have to see what the rest of the budget looks like.

Several lawmakers posed the question today about Easley potentially vetoing the legislature's budget. Some believe he would to make a point since he's leaving office and does not face an election. Others believe he won't because he doesn't want to worry about tarnishing his reputation if his veto was overruled.

Either way, it is interesting to chat about and creates some interesting chit chat as lawmakers figure out their budget.

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