Thursday, August 30, 2007

Easley brought out the veto stamp but we never saw it. Sort an interesting side note to Governor Easley vetoing the "Goodyear bill" as it's being dubbed.

The bill would have given up to $40 million to Goodyear over 10 years to upgrade. The argument is they need the money to keep the plant in Fayetteville or they might move the plant. Problem is, the bill basically allowed Goodyear to lay off 750 people.

Easley has his own plan to allow these grants providing it's a company in the poorest counties that provides 1500+ jobs and promises not to lay off any employee.

Anywho, the last veto we saw, the Governor brought out the big red ink stamp and vetoed the heck out of the bill.

Today, about 10 minutes before the news conference a staff member came into the room and took the stamp. During the news conference, Gov. Easley mentioned it was already stamped. Why couldn't he just stamp it in front of us? It's always great video for us TV folks!

Easley did mention in his remarks and it was obvious he was very much against the bill but was concerned about having to veto it because it involved a major company as well as Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand who sponsored a version. Did the Governor not want to rub salt in the wound by stamping the ink in front of cameras???

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