Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Democats can't even agree on the mood in the infamous "612". The bosses wanted a story on what happens behind the scenes for state budget negotiations.

Check out the difference of opinion of two men who have spent many hours in that room about how tense it may or may not get.

From Sen. David Hoyle, (D) Gaston County
"A lot of tension a lot of friends getting in each other's faces but it's today and tomorrow is a new issue and a new idea. You don't burn bridges, you try to agree to disagree and move on down the road.

From Rep. Jim Crawford, (D) Granville County
10:09 They tell us what we think about it and we tell them what we think about it and then we try to compromise somewhere between. Usually it's not very tense in fact there's a lot of joking and we work real hard.

Of course, if this was the biggest disagreement we probably would have a budget a lot faster. The truth probably is they are both right.

The Senate won't take up the latest Medicaid plan until tomorrow (Wednesday). Meanwhile, despite a House bill offering a continuing resolution *with* temporary taxes, it appears one without it will pass later this week and lawmakers will 30 more days to approve a final budget. Even top House members are admitting at this point the clock is simply against them when it comes to keeping the taxes on the book. They are going to need Senators to collapse at the last second and it appears from all accounts they will not.

As the Dome blog points out, lawmakers can get their sparklers ready because if they want to watch the fireworks it's either going to be sparklers at the GA or some nearby celebration.

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