Monday, June 18, 2007

Governor Easley held a news conference Monday. It was scheduled with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to talk about their meeting about hurricane preparedness.

With the war and hurricane issues in recent years it was probably the first time a majority of the journalists could care less what he had to say. They were all waiting to hear what Governor Easley had to say about Mike Nifong.

Here's a rundown of what Easley had to say on several topics.

-An interesting comment on National Guard readiness. He says the state can only handle a hurricane 3 or less. Yet, he says the only way the lack of equipment will cause problems is if a disaster affects all 50 states and there's no national help. The reason is there's agreements with other states to bring in their guard members to help. Chertoff says nationwide the numbers are better this year than last.

-On the Nifong issue-he said if it was his choice Nifong would be gone today! Easley is hoping the House passes a proposal as early as this week that would give him the power to kick Nifong out now. Nifong wrote in his resignation letter that he will leave July 13th.

-Easley wants to put investments (bonds) into things the state is soley responsible first. That includes money for prisons, mental facilities, etc. That basically means he believes any bonds for schools construction or land and water issues would be secondary.

-He favors the Senate proposal of finding a long term solution now to the Medicaid issue rather than a "bandaid" $100 one time fix that the House is proposing.

More on all of this a little later...

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