Friday, June 15, 2007

It's interesting to see how the Presidential candidates are literally flying through North Carolina. Obama and Clinton as well as some of the Repubs are flying in, driving to a private fundraiser, and flying out.

Last night, Obama held a fundraiser at a home in Chapel Hill. When I arrived there, I was promptly told by a police officer that I could not get any closer than a quarter mile. There were dense woods so I could see nothing. On top of that guests were being shuttled in on vans with tinted windows so there were few glimpses of who even attended.

When Obama's entourage came through they wizzed by us with the windows up and we never got a glimpse of him.

Obviously with a late primary and not picking a Democrat since 1976, these candidates aren't here getting votes but using our state as a bank builder. But why can't you stop for two minutes and give a reporter a soundbite? I mean it was myself and one other photographer. It's not like there was a mass of media waiting for something.

Just wanted to give you a glimpse, when they mean private, they mean private!

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mfire said...

It was interesting to read the news stories about Barack Obama here in the Triangle and his fundraising efforts. The news had a negative slant on the "ATM" aspect of his visit. Nothing wrong with his fundraising efforts in my opinion.

Of particular note was the endorsement he picked up from State Rep. Ty Harrell. These two ambitious young men are both worth watching and have similarities worth noting (in a phone call from Obama to Harrell, "Harrell said Obama was interested in racial minorities who win in white majority districts." N&O, 12/06).

Seeing how the relationship between Obama and Harrell develops over time as each encounter successes (or failures) could prove interesting.