Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 and 2008...

Wow, well I'm down to my last minutes of work here in 2007. Yes, it's New Year's Eve and I'm in the office sniffling after a full weekend of a nasty cold, opening presents with the in-laws, seeing a Tar Heels game, and lacking sleep! Ahhhh...the holidays! They are a blast but sometimes we really take those quiet nights for granted don't we?

Anywho, it has me thinking back and looking forward. This year was slated to be a pretty quietyear. Well, on the last day of the year I covered Rep. Thomas Wright's court appearance as former House Speaker Jim Black sits in prison.

It was quite a year for your reporter. I spent my first full year in my new house, got married in the Outer Banks, and really pushed myself to get more connected with people associated to my political beat here at News 14 Carolina.

I think in a year we've really changed how we cover politics at News 14 Carolina. I sincerely believe we are the tv station that best covers it in the entire state. Don't get me wrong, we cannot compete with the multiple reporters of newspapers staffs but we do the best with what we have covering the legislature and state government which is me!

I have to thank my bosses for that. They allow me to dictate what I cover and how we cover it a large part of the time (with guidance of course). But we have grown to gain the respect of candidates and public officials, to be taken seriously and understand that every story and show I produce airs in the 3 largest television markets in North Carolina.

More importantly, we take on the stories on a daily basis that other tv stations often won't cover. We have a long long long ways to go but I think 2007 was a great step forward.

That step leads us to 2008. What will be the big story in North Carolina? Will we see upsets in the primary races for Goveror or Senate? Will Republicans mount a challenge to Democrat control in the General Assembly? Will state leaders push through changes in the way we build and pay for roads and public transportation?

As far as our job as political reporters goes, this is the most important time for us. There is so much out there in the form of tv, radio, newspaper, web, blogs, etc. that we have to make sure we are helping and informing viewers instead of shaping opinions. We must focus more than ever with all the noise out there to make sure we are tackling the issues that are most important to citizens and voters.

This next year is vital to the future of North Carolina and the leaders you elect will play a massive role in shaping that future. It is my hope (and News 14 Carolina) to play a big role in helping you make your decisions by providing the information for both sides and letting you decide. It sounds cliche to say that but are all news organizations really committed to that? It doesn't hurt to sit back and check ourselves as we look back at a year plagued by public corruption and look ahead to a year where voters will have a hand in leadership.

It is my hope through my stories, my show Political Connections, and this blog to keep you informed and hopefully from time to time enlightened! This blog will be an outlet to get you more information I couldn't on tv or to give a behind the scenes perspective to the chaos known as election year.

Thank you for your trust in me and News 14 Carolina. We will do everything we can to be the best we can for you as a viewer and if we can do anything better please let us know!

With that...goodbye 2007 and hello 2008.

Happy New Year!

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E.C. Huey said...

Hello Tim, and Happy New Year 2008. I look forward to keeping you abreast and informed of my campaign for the Guilford County Board of Education (at-large) this year. My website is, please visit my site and enjoy my extremely active blog.