Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hello everyone! As you can see we are making a few changes to the blog. First, the look. It looks more like the show and the graphics scheme we use here at News 14 Carolina for the blog.

But even more exciting (try to keep calm, I know!) is that we are just about ready to get our video section done. If you scroll down to the entry below this you can see a picture with a play button on it. You can simply click on that and a video player pops up with the story.

In the future, I will use this to hopefully add stories but even more important extra video that you won't see on tv.

This is important next year because I hope to give behind the scene tours on the campaign trail, full length interviews, blog exclusives, etc.

I believe we'll be one of the few blogs to have original video content in the state.

With that said I am not a tech guy! I can learn fast and will do my best but it I will be hanging out with our web folks who do know what their doing to teach me!

The video portion will become more prominent in time, but just wanted to give an update!

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