Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Easley on a number of things...

Governor Easley made a big proposal or announcement today. NC State, Progress Energy, and Duke Energy will all work together to try and redevelop batteries to run your car. You could go 100-150 miles without recharging. You could then simply plug it into a regular electrical outlet and charge it up again or there would even be public charging stations.

There is similar technology available today but the battery costs $10,000 and won't stay charged as long and takes a long time to charge. They all hope to have significant progress in 2-5 years. By the way it will cost $5 mill to start up and $1 mill each year. The Gov. hopes to get grants but also has some money in his upcoming budget proposal.

On another note, Easley ripped an audit last week that basically said DOT is wasting taxpayer money for late projects. Easley focused on parts that said DOT didn't research enough on projects. Easley said you don't need to research common sense.

He also says he's not ready to endorse a candidate for President. As Governor, Easley is a superdelegate. He said he wants the candidates to focus more on education.

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