Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday..

I'm working a nightshift tonight updating Super Tuesday results on the news channel. I have to admit it's rather anticlimatic being here after being in the thick of things in South Carolina.

I'm such a nerd, but elections are really fun and really exciting. There's so much strategy in every move, every press release, every speech, every rally, every everything. Fascinating.

I have to wonder how many of you are feeling sitting at home and not waiting for results here in North Carolina. As you probably know, North Carolina's primary is not until May 6th. That's actually the topic of this weekend's Political Connections if you're interested in hearing more about the topic.

Anywho, 24 states are up for grabs. From primaries to caucuses to conventions 1681 Democratic delegates are available (2025 needed to win) and 1023 on the Republican side (1191 needed to win).

Huckabee won earlier in the West Virginia GOP convention. At 7pm the polls closed in Georgia and the networks already declared Obama the winner with a too close to call on the Republican side. In case you're curious here's the timeframe for the rest of the night as far as closing time at the polls.

Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee


Arizona, New Mexico, New York



Montana, North Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota, Alaska, Colorado, and Idaho all have caucuses that start and end at various times tonight.

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