Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gov. Easley's future?

Governor Easley's speech at the Emerging Issues Forum on Tuesday has blogs speaking to his future. Easley spoke on energy and announced a new center to research battery operated cars.

I have to admit a number of us were talking about his speech afterward. It was cleary one of his more energetic, entertaining, and well written speeches in some time. Some of his current and former advisors also remarked that his last couple speeches have been some of his best.

It has a number of speculators speculating if he's a potential VEEP candidate or could be pushing for another elected office. Here's the thing, maybe it's not an elected office? Could the DNC be talking to him about a future Attorney General position? He's got a good record of winning elections and doing well in a southern state that picks Republicans for federal races.

On the other hand, perhaps he's thinking legacy. Gov. Hunt is known as the education governor, so perhaps Easley is working on making energy his legacy and has plans after his term.

Or maybe he's just energized and has nothing to lose since it's his last term. He has been very relaxed, funny, and makes jokes he wouldn't have in the past.

I can tell you his office requested a copy of his speech from us today. HOWEVER, I can also tell you his office has done that in the past but not on a regular basis.

It's all speculation and that's what makes it fun!

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