Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wow, can I not wait until Friday is over.

Before I go on, don't get me wrong I want everyone who has a story to call me and PLEASE continue to keep me in the loop.

However, the last two weeks of filing for public office are unreal to say the least. It's hard to keep track first of all because it's not as simple as one Democrat and one Republican. With the primary there are numerous people on both sides. And they ALL want a lengthy interview if not a set appearance on the show.

Again, I completely understand and wish I could accomodate. However, there's only so much time and I have to convince my boss that it's worth covering. On top of that with so many candidates in some races it's impossible to have enough time even in the course of the 30 minute show to air it all.

I have never had so many phone calls and emails in one week. It's interesting to say the least and even the smallest of campaigns are much more organized than even four years ago in my estimation. It is funny, however, that the "smaller" races and "unknown" candidates even have people making the calls for them.

Part of me will be happy after May 6th. That means one candidate from each party to focus on. While we have newsrooms in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Fayetteville, Chapel Hill, Salisbury, and Goldsboro, I am the ONLY reporter covering politics and state government.

I love it but all the communication is exhausting and makes it difficult to even find time to squeeze in a blog entry.

With that said, without all this communication, I wouldn't have stories to write and blog about!

So, I'm not complaining, I just wanted to give a perspective of what it's like behind the scenes and the amount of "campaigning" that goes on from gubernatorial candidates to city council candidates with reporters.

Again, please keep the info coming!

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