Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chelsea Clinton coming to NC...

After Saturday the entire Clinton campaign will have visited North Carolina. I just got word that Chelsea Clinton will campaign on behalf of her mom at the Young Democrats of North Carolina Convention.

It's unclear if she will hold other events in the state but she will make at least that one appearance.

The Young Democrats is honoring John Edwards and James Carville (Clinton supporter as well) will appear too.

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Anonymous said...

Chelsea Clinton works for a New York Hedge Fund called the Avenue Capital Group. This is a company which invests in the distressed debt market and which also happens to be run by folks who have been big financial supporters of her parents. (So much for getting her job on the merits.)

Investors in distressed securities typically make an assessment not only of the issuer’s ability to improve its operations but also whether the restructuring process increase the investors wealth. This typically means stripping out pension assets and moving high wage jobs oversea.

Avenue Capital Group and firms like it profit from downturns in the economy and foreclosures and bankruptcies. There are more than a few voters in Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina and beyond who have a right to hear how Chelsea Clinton rationalizes her chosen professional career with her pro-working man rhetoric.