Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wright expelled...

There is great coverage all over the web regarding today's action by the House of Representatives, particularly Under the Dome, but I just wanted to add another observation.

Curiosity apparently got the best of the Senate as well. At least 10 Senators sat in the back of the House Chamber at one time or another. That included Majority Leader Tony Rand, Sen. Brock, and Sen. Jenkins among others.

Speaker Hackney said afterward that he didn't care if Wright's court case had moved forward or not. He says the legislative process is at least as important if not more important. Even if Wright is found innocent, Rep. Hackney says he doesn't regret one bit the decision made today.

Wright could still end up in office again too and as soon as next year. If he is found innocent in court and reelected on May Sixth, he will be back in office next January. However, Hackney did not rule out that there could be action by the House again if that happened.

Never a dull moment!

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