Monday, March 24, 2008

The Gov's 21st Century Transportation committee is close to making final recommendations to the General Assembly. You'll remember the committee was formed last fall to find solutions to a growing crisis in the state.

Here's the crisis... sky rocketing costs to build roads, decreasing federal funding, decreasing gas tax revenues, and more people moving here means more congestion.

Estimates show the state could fall $65 billion or more short in funding projects over the next 25 years.

Chair Brad Wilson told me today that he expects the group to recommend gap funding for toll roads and to stop the transfers from the highway trust fund. He expects the final vote on April 24th.

The group will then work on long term solutions (funding in particular) this summer and fall to make recommendations by the end of the year.

An interesting tidbit with those recommendations. This Easley committee will report to a new governor and legislature in 09'. Some I spoke with say it could make a huge difference and create challenges but others say just about everyone is on board with the committee's work.

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Anonymous said...

If you read all the reports put out by the Toll Authority and the DOT, you will see Public Private Partnership in each one. The Toll Authority, will neither confirm or deny that foreign management firms are being talked with about the management contracts.