Thursday, March 27, 2008

Clinton: North Carolina an "uphill climb"

I was fortunate to get a one on one with Sen. Clinton this afternoon. She said she never makes predictions but she says she does face an uphill climb in this state because of Obama's ground support in this state. That was her answer when I asked if NC was a must win.

She said her staff is still working on details of a debate in North Carolina but she hopes they will.

I also asked her what she thought about the possibility of her and Bev Perdue both breaking the female barrier. Clinton as the first female president and Perdue as the first female govennor. She had some interesting comments which you can see in my story tonight and on Political Connections Friday at 6 and Sunday at 11am. Perdue has endorsed Obama, by the way.

She also said she would love to have John Edwards' endorsement but she said when she had talked with them in "recent months" which makes me think they may not have talked recently. She said she respects their decision making whatever it may be. Yesterday, Sen. Obama said he was still actively seeking Edwards endorsement.

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