Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Easley signs NC budget

Easley quietly signs budget....

By press release, Gov. Easley announced he signed the amended budget. He's clearly not pleased with the budget by signing it so quietly. There was no news conference, no question and answer, just a quiet last signature on a budget as Governor.

It's no secret he was not pleased with lower teacher raises than he proposed and had concerns about spending and borrowing. There was even question whether he would sign it or just let it go into law without his signature after 10 days. I don't think too many people believed he would veto. It's an interesting end to his last budget process though since it was so quiet.

In the meantime, lawmakers are probably a bit giddy. This means they can wrap up session and get out of town for 2008 in time to hit the lakes or links this weekend.

Now it's just a matter of time what they can get through and/or kill between now and then as far as bills are concerned.

I think it's safe to say political coverage will take a major shift back to the elections next week with the legislature adjourning. Get ready!

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