Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Governor defends himself-I'm leaving for vacation!

So, Gov. Easley was a little defensive at a news conference this morning. He was asked extensively about overseas trips by he and the Mrs. to promote NC.

I have to wonder if at the end of his tenure when he's sitting in that Southport house of his working on some wood project next year, Gov. Easley's greatest regret will be picking a fight with McClatchey. That's who owns the N&O and Charlotte Observer. Since the mental health fiasco (including the now infamous news conference) the two newspapers have gone all out looking into Easley's public records. I'm not saying these issues shouldn't be investigated and/or debated. I just wonder if they would have gotten as much play or investigation if the tiff hadn't grown between the Gov's office and the newspaper chain.

It doesn't help that gas is $4.oo a gallon and the dollar is getting miserable value in Europe.

In some ways it's been a perfect storm for him to face such criticism for his actions in the past year.

Even Republicans will tell you these trips are worthwhile to bring in art exhibits for tourism and potential jobs to the state, but they have an issue with the first class treatment the Gov. and Mrs. paid for using taxpayers money.

Anywho..I'm headed home to MN to spend 5 days on the lake fishing and relaxing with the family.

Have a great 4th of July and good luck on all the state budget stuff..

I'm out!

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