Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello anchor desk

Job change...

Some of you may have noticed I haven't posted on here as much as I have in the past. The reason is my job has changed. I've been promoted from Senior Political Reporter to Weeknight Evening Anchor. The bottom line is you're stuck seeing me a lot more often Monday-Friday nights on News 14 Carolina!

I am still following politics and am still doing Political Connections for the time being. Eventually I will be replaced and the new person will take over everything political.

However, I'm still going to keep up with it and I'm still going to be working to get long form indepth interviews with candidates and officials (i.e. governor, senators, etc.). As the prime time anchor I hope it actually makes it easier to bring those folks into our studio.

Those interviews will likely continue appearing on Political Connections even when I'm not the host.

It has been a joy to follow and cover state government and politics in the field on a daily basis but I'm really looking forward to this new challenge. I really can't wait for election night when I'm essentially directing it from the anchor desk!

I will continue to update the blog as I see fit for now and when I am relieved of politics I plan to start another blog of my own which I hope you will read as well. More details on that in the months to come.

For now, check out News 14 Carolina and please stay in close touch with me for story ideas, tips, etc!


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