Monday, July 28, 2008

Easley to have surgery

Is Governor Easley falling apart?

We got word today that Gov. Easley will have shoulder surgery tomorrow. I'll put the release below this. This is at least his third surgery that I can remember since he's been in office.

In January of 2003, Gov. Easley had bone spurs removed from his left shoulder at UNC Hospitals. He was in a sling for a few weeks.

In May of 2006, Gov. Easley had outpatient surgery on his left knee to repair a cartilage fissure.

Now we get word he's having the same bone spur surgery on his right shoulder but this time it's at Duke University hospitals.

You have to love the sense of humor of his doctor-full release is below.

RALEIGH – Gov. Mike Easley will undergo shoulder surgery on Tuesday at Duke Hospital in Durham. The surgery is expected to last approximately two hours and Easley will be numbed with a general nerve block to the affected area. His activity will be restricted for several months.

The following is a statement from Dr. Bill Garrett, Easley’s doctor:

“We will be removing bone spurs from the governor’s right shoulder area, including his AC joint and acromion – the area near the rotator cuff. The spurs were caused by extensive use of the shoulder during exercise, sports, and physical activities over several years. In addition to spurs, there are torn tendons that must be reattached with screws and sutures. This is very similar to the surgery on his shoulder in 2003, but is on the other side.

“He will be able to work, but will be wearing a sling for the next three to four weeks. I am advising the governor to restrict activity for several months and to refrain from high impact or strenuous activity like contact basketball, golf, shooting shot guns, weight lifting or NASCAR driving until next year. We might suggest he sign bills left handed as well. His signature will not be any worse.”

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