Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another day and another end of the work week for lawmakers. It appears they are moving closer and closer to rolling up their sleeves and moving bills and working toward a budget. Yesterday, the Senate unveiled committee assignments. I'm told early next week, we can expect House assignments. I don't want to report rumor or speculation, but let's just say I'm told we can expect some big time changes and interesting arrangements in the House. What makes that even more interesting is, the House must come up with the budget first this time around.

If committee assignments are complete next week bills could start moving into committees by the end of next week and the debate can begin. It will likely take some time just to assign the bills. House members have already filed 135 bills and Senators have filed 112. Several interesting but few are earth shattering bills.

Expect things to really pick up next week.

In the meantime, check out Political Connections Friday night at 6 and Sunday morning at 11. We take on developments with the death penalty this week and what lawmakers are thinking about the issue. Wake County Republican Senator Richard Stevens and Durham Democrat Representative Paul Luebke are our guests!

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