Friday, February 09, 2007

Lawmakers are gone for the weekend but there's still plenty to talk about. Political junkies are waiting to see how new House Speaker Joe Hackeny will distribute committee apppointments and chair positions. Multiple sources have confirmed that the latest and likely final plan will include eight Appropriations chairs. While that may seem like an abundance of chairs to agree, there are plenty of lawmakers who like it because it brings more backgrounds to the table so items don't get disregarded if someone just doesn't know about a subject.

The Hondajet deal continues to keep the argument about state incentives to the forefront. Senator Basnight now wants to study the issue. As Representative Paul Luebke put it today, that means it will get debate when he opens up about the subject. The Senate is commonly known as the chamber that goes along with the incentives.

Events like the death penalty hearings and now these tax deals keep bringing up more and more big subjects that lawmakers appear to now take up this session. Stay tuned!

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