Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Executions are on hold but apparently no one has told the Department of Corrections. Two more executions were scheduled today for the first two weeks in March.

Likely, the law tells Corrections to move forward, but unless something happens soon the two cases will go to court and a judge will stay the executions until the doctor's role issue is cleared up.

Here's the release from the Department of Corrections.

"RALEIGH - Correction Secretary Theodis Beck has set two execution dates: March 2, 2007, for Archie Lee Billings; and March 9, 2007, for Allen R. Holman Sr. The executions are scheduled for 2 a.m. on the respective dates at Central Prison in Raleigh.Billings, 33, was sentenced to death June 5, 1996, in Caswell County Superior Court for the first degree murder of Amy Jackson. He also received consecutive sentences of 34 years and 5 months for first-degree rape; 10 years and 9 months for assault with a deadly weapon with intent to inflict serious injury; and 9 years and 11 months for first-degree burglary.On May 8, 1998, the North Carolina Supreme Court affirmed Billings' conviction and sentence of death.On January 8, 2007, the US Supreme Court denied Billings' petition to review the decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, dismissing his appeal and causing this execution date to be set.HolmanHolman, 47, was sentenced to death April 7, 1998, in Wake County Superior Court for the first degree murder of Linda Holman. On August 18, 2005, the North Carolina Supreme Court affirmed Holman's conviction and sentence of death. Holman declined further appeals efforts and requested that an execution date be set.On December 14, 2006, a federal judge ruled Holman was mentally competent to withdraw his appeals."

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