Thursday, November 15, 2007

Giuliani's NC campaign chair doesn't think his social beliefs will hurt his candidacy in the South. So far, that seems to be true.

An Elon University poll released this morning has Giuliani leading in five Southern states (NC, FL, VA, SC, GA) by six percent over Fred Thompson. Hillary Clinton has a huge lead on the other side with 42-percent. Obama and Edwards are both in the teens.

Jim Culbertson, who runs Giuliani's campaign here in NC out of his Winston-Salem home told me today he thinks Southerners care about leadership and that's what is driving the race.

Some consider Rudy's beliefs on abortion and gun rights more left than right, but Culbertson believes Rudy's leadership will override any differences in beliefs.

He also believes voters think Giuliani has the best chance to counter Clinton and could pick up some Dem voters because of it.

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I'm off to emcee the NCTA awards tonight so more tomorrow!

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