Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm still "off the street" working on a story so here's some reading material sent by the Bev Perdue campaign about her plan to clean up the state budget process...

Raleigh, NC – Bev Perdue today added her BRAC Budget Reform proposal as the next installment of the Building a New North Carolina series. Modeled after the federal BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) process, this initiative will significantly reform the budget process in North Carolina.

As Governor, Bev will create an independent and bipartisan body to present up to ten government efficiency proposals each budget biennium. Unlike previous budget reform proposals that have not included a method to enact the recommendations, the BRAC budget initiative will require the General Assembly cast a Yes or No vote on each proposal.

No amendments would be permitted, thereby limiting the influence of special interests. Bev’s goal will be to identify a minimum $250 million per legislative session.

“This will change the way decisions are made in Raleigh,” said Perdue. “It will have a major impact on the budget, eliminating unnecessary spending and enabling us to focus on what’s important and what works.”

Added Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, “Fiscal responsibility has long been a tradition in North Carolina, and ideas like this will ensure that this tradition continues.”

The first $170 million in savings will be dedicated to eliminating the highway trust fund transfer, while future savings will enable the budget to be better focused on areas of need such as school construction and making health care more affordable to North Carolina’s families.

The proposal is the second part in Bev’s Building a New North Carolina series; details can be downloaded here.

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