Monday, November 26, 2007

Hope you all made it through turkey weekend and had a great time with family and friends!

Oh how fun to be back at work right? No time wasted getting back at the General Assembly today. The 21st Century Blue Ribbon Transportation group met again Monday afternoon.

They heard from metro and county folks as well as the Turnpike Authority.

My story today focuses on possibility of counties paying for roads. Last session lawmakers gave counties the authority to help fund roads. It gives counties the possibility of getting roads done quicker. Before 1931 counties in this state built roads but after the depression era the state took over when counties and cities couldn't afford it. Cities have done it again in recent years but this is the first time since the 30's that counties can take part.

Some believe this is a step toward forcing counties to help pay for roads. Keep in mind the state is supposedly $65 billion short in the next 25 years to keep up with growth and maintaining roads.

Check out to see more from state lawmakers and county folks.

More tomorrow but I'm having to catch up on emails myself and the turkey still has me tired!

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