Friday, November 02, 2007

Transportation committee to meet...

I meant to put this in my earlier post. Reps for Brad Wilson say the blue ribbon 21 century transportation committee appointed by the Gov., Speaker Hackney, and Sen. President Pro Tem Marc Basnight will meet next Wednesday 11/7 for the first time at 1pm.

Should be interesting but most expect the real work to get started after the first of the year with the holidays and everything.

I've got Mr. Wilson scheduled to come in for an in-depth interview that day for Political Connections as well.

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Buttpants Johnson said...

Man, it seems like you are a busy fella all of a sudden. Enjoyed your report on the counties going after the revenue options. I hate realtors!

I found an interesting survey on N.C. politics that you and your readers might be interested in. Feel free to plug this in one of your posts! Here's the link:

N.C. Politics Survey