Monday, November 05, 2007

An interesting release from the Richard Moore campaign for Gov. this morning. It's especially interesting considering his opponent Bev. Perdue is hoping to become the first female governor ever in this state. Here's the release..

Women legislators endorse Moore for governor

Raleigh – Current and former women legislators today endorsed Richard Moore for governor, citing his record of advocating for North Carolina’s families.

“Our communities, families, and women need and deserve Richard Moore as their next governor,” the group wrote. “The steady leadership and fresh approach that he offers to fix North Carolina’s problems are exactly what we need.”

State Senator Ellie Kinnaird and state Representatives Marie Watters Colton, Ruth Cook, Pricey Harrison, Bertha “B.” Merrill Holt, and Maggie Jeffus sent a letter to Democratic activists announcing their support of Moore.

“I am honored that such an outstanding group of women leaders support my candidacy,” said Richard Moore. “Women across the state recognize that my experience as a federal prosecutor, legislator, and the head of two state agencies makes me uniquely qualified to lead North Carolina as governor.”

In addition, the Moore campaign announced that women donors have contributed over $1.3 million to Moore’s campaign for governor thus far.

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