Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day of two tales from one news conference. Elizabeth and John Edwards announced that Elizabeth has cancer again. It's in her bone (rib) and is not curable but it's treatable.

It was sort of a strange news conference. This woman who's already had breast cancer now has cancer again and really her prognosis is unknown, yet she's standing in front of 20 cameras live on national television. It's a very private issue she's speaking about, and frankly was very elegant and gracious in her statements to us.

At the same time, the very first question is about the future of the Edwards' Presidential campaign. Naturally, John is the national figure, but wow it's amazing how insensitive it is looking back. Just something to think about as we go to sleep and how we as journalists, you as readers or viewers at home react to situations. My mother had breast cancer so it makes me think back a lot and reflect and I'll be honest I can't truly answer my own question yet but it is something to think about.

It was like, okay Elizabeth wow that's horrible you have cancer, but anyway John what about your campaign? It's our jobs to get all the information and I'm proud of us at News 14 Carolina because our first story by Kenneth Moton is about Elizabeth and her cancer and then I look into the possible political effects.

It is an interesting job we have in many ways and this was another example of the journalistic and moral choices we must make on a daily basis.

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