Friday, March 16, 2007

From hoops to politics! We're back from our political vacation covering the ACC tourney in sunny Tampa, Florida. Never saw any politicians, so they weren't there or had bad seats or were inside a box.

I was thinking the coaches would make great politicians. We sat behind the benches and you should see the coaches work. They argue with the refs even if they know they are wrong. It's all to get their way on another play much like deals politicians make.

Perhaps, refs would make the better politicians though. They get yelled at by fans and coaches yet have a thick skin and come right back. But, getting votes from fan bases from across the state probably would be hard! Their foul calls would likely be dissected as much as a politicians voting record!

An interesting week back. Did a story today about who in the world will run against Elizabeth Dole. Most pundits believe Gov. Easley has the best shot but he continues to deny interest. Bottom line is to have enough money someone is going to have to step up to the plate soon!

Have a great weekend and check back on Monday for an interesting study about congestion in NC. Here's a's not good!

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