Monday, March 05, 2007

Tough assignment tomorrow: Leave for ACC Tournament! I know, I know how in the world does a political reporter get that assignment? I convinced my bosses to go down and look for politicians going to the tournament. JUST KIDDING! Although, that could be interesting. The truth is I've covered it many times and am obsessed with college basketball so it's my one week every year to steer clear of politics.

By the way Duke and UNC are not having public practices or media availability at the tournament while the other teams are on Wednesday. Do you think they are avoiding any talk about elbows being thrown?

I'm really excited though and am looking forward to a tournament where any number of teams could win. What's wild is there's a great chance it could be someone from outside of North Carolina. Wild huh?

Guard play and matchups...that's everything this time of year so look for that.

I will be blogging the entire time there so keep any eye out for that and I'll be sure to catch a little sun for all of you!

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