Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is tomorrow National Press Conference day? There are at least seven press/news conferences scheduled for Wednesday. In fact, there are so many that lawmakers are having press conferences outside of the press conference room because they conflict with each other.

This session it seems lawmakers are competing for most press conferences. Republicans are clearly organized and are holding them at least twice a week.

It's smart in many ways, because if there is a press conference, regardless of subject for some reason it tends to get all of the tv stations out as well as other media that might otherwise ignore the issues.

I think the public benefits because there's more attention to more bills that would get no attention. It is interesting though because while these are all important issues the day may come if there is not enough "news" coming out of these news conferences people will just stop going.

This year the press people for the Speaker and President Pro Tem are sending out releases on behalf of other Democrats which didn't happen before. The same is happening from Sen. Berger's office for Republicans.

In the end we all benefit I guess. Lawmakers are getting more attention to more bills. We are getting easy access to the lawmakers to talk about the bills as well as other subjects they may not want to talk about! Hopefully, in the end voters and really non voters at home are getting more information about what lawmakers are doing.

But do we really have to hav all these press conferences on one day! I mean spread it out my friends there's only one of me to cover it all!!!

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