Friday, March 02, 2007

Let the 2008 Governor's race officially begin..well sort of. Even though Lieutenant Governor Beverly Perdue and State Treasurer Richard Moore have not announced they will run for governor the laces to the gloves are loose and the gloves may come off soon! Both sides are sending emails to supporters about each other.

Moore has been criticizing for doing business with more companies to get more campaign contributions. He held a media briefing Friday morning where cameras and recording devices in the end were allowed. He was fairly defensive in response to questions but was adament that he has done nothing wrong, the contributions are not questionable, and he will keep the money ($736,000).

It's early in 2007, but the two will likely be competing for similar dollars and therefore the battle is underway. Political observers I talked to today say the Democrats better watch it though because if this continues for a year and gets worse voters will be turned off and it could greatly benefit Republicans. However, even those observers admit that would still not be enough to help Republicans win.

Deep down most observers believe the big wigs within the Democratic party really want one of the candidates to move to the Senate race but no one wants to to take on Elizabeth Dole. Democrats don't want to see two of their "stars" have to tear each other apart in a primary.

Should be interesting!

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