Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm not the oldest guy, but wow did I feel old at a news conference today. Several lawmakers and the NC School Nutrition Association want $15mill to help pay for school lunches. NC is the only state in the southeast to not help out. They say new nutrition standards put in place in pilot schools, and eventually all elementary schools, will cost about $12mill more. The reason is healthier foods cost more and they don't make as much revenue.


Because the kids won't buy Little Debbie snacks, Lance products, etc. Man did that make me feel old, because lord knows I never had the opportunity to buy those kinds of foods. Is this corporate America making their way into schools for a buck? Wow, do I feel deprived. Or perhaps I feel lucky since I'm still thin. It just blew me away. Even in later grades, we had one soda machine that was turned off during school hours.

Times have changed but isn't it funny as times change how we often go back to old times and those ways?

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