Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Goodyear compromise now law. I'm in a rush running on another story, but check out my story on News 14 for full coverage of the special session.

Late this afternoon the Governor signed it into law after hours of debate and passage at the General Assembly today.

Here's the comment from the Gov.
"This tool is a fantastic statement by the General Assembly that North Carolina is focused on the future and determined that our citizens will compete and win in the new world economy. This legislation will create cutting edge economic competitiveness in North Carolina, unlike any state in America. It requires huge investments -- each more than $200 million -- by companies that accept the challenge to build world-class facilities here that are the most technologically advanced on the globe. The bill ensures workers' job security, wages, benefits and advanced training as part of the incentives. It is performance based with clear criteria for earning any incentive.”

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