Monday, September 10, 2007

So lawmakers are back in town and I'm not there to say hello. Kinda weird that I'm not there as News 14 Carolina's political reporter huh?

Well, today former Durham novelist and now convicted killer Michael Peterson (jury found him guilty of beating her to death-he says she fell down the stairs) had his day in front of the NC Supreme Court.

Back in 2003, before I was moved into my role of politics, I was a general assignment reporter covering Durham and Chapel Hill. I covered the entire trial (3 months) and the circus that surrounded it. So, considering that it was decided that I should cover his appeal and another reporter would go to the General Assembly and cover that circus.

Speaking of that circus, the House is now on it's 357 recess. Negotiations are going on behind the scenes to try and avoid a vote on a veto. It must be going slow considering all the recesses.

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