Monday, September 17, 2007

June Atkinson says she wants a full term in office! She was elected in 2004 but if you remember she didn't take office until late the following year because the race was contested for so long.

The State Superintendent of Public Schools announced she's running again today. She's likely to face an interesting and potentially tough opponent-Eddie Davis from the NCAE-North Carolina Association of Educators. It could get particularly interesting if it becomes a public financing race too.

On another note, Judge Howard Manning spoke to a State Board of Education testing committee today. He told me he's having another hearing next Wednesday at 10am. He was blunt as usual in his speech.

A few new things though this time. It appears he's now been convinced the problem in high schools is in a big part because the kids are coming from middle schools with issues.

Does that mean middle schools are next to see him?

He was also pretty critical of teachers this time around. Typically he's been more critical of principals.

Head over to to see the full story. I'll link to it when it gets up on the web. In the meantime the interviews for this past week's Political Connections are on the right of this screen.

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