Thursday, September 27, 2007

Long time no blog.. I have to apologize for those of you who actually check out the blog. First, yes I missed you too! Ha ha..

Anywho, it has been an absolutely insane week since I last blogged here. I was about to cover a story on small businesses and what the owners think of these corporate incentives last Friday when a plane crashed into McCalls BBQ in Clayton. I was the closest one to the door and spent the next six hours covering it!

Monday, I was busy taping a Cary mayoral debate that will air this Monday night. At the same time we were short reporters in our Fayetteville office so I spent the next two days in Moore and Cumberland Counties covering the Emily Haddock murder case. She's the 12-year-old who was murdered by the suspects who broke in and shot her while she was home sick.

Between the plane crash and the murder case it was like my old days of reporting when I covered whatever happened that day. The murder story was interesting because it was on a rural road in a rural county. A couple of the suspects live on the same street as the girl so it wasn't exactly easy getting interviews.

Makes me appreciate all these slick politicians and advocates that are available at a moments notice to do interviews!

However, I was told I might be covering pumpkins on Friday. The drought and Halloween you know. Guess you can't say I'm not versatile right!

Monday, however, I will be back in the government/political saddle as I hit the road to New Bern. That's where Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue is making it official that she's running for Gov.

In the meantime we have a really interesting Political Connections this weekend on the reliability of political polling. We have the chief pollster from Elon in as well as Justin Guillory from PPP. It airs at 6pm Friday and Sunday 11am. For those of you in the Triangle we are also airing a 30 minute Cary Mayoral forum right after the statewide Political Connections.

It's good to be back in the swing of things. Hope you haven't forgotten about me and forgive me!

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