Tuesday, September 18, 2007

OLF love...It appears the Navy and the State of North Carolina have made up. After months and months of battles over a proposed landing strip in eastern North Carolina, there appears to be a new beginning.

A Gov. Easley study group met with Navy officials today. There was a huge difference in tone from both sides. Environmentally, state and local leaders aren't budging on being against the Washington/Beaufort County site. The Navy wasn't budging either, but now it appears the Secretary of the Navy may reconsider other sites. He has a list and will make a decision by November 15th which ones he might consider.

Four of them are in the extreme northeastern part of the state in the middle of nowhere and two others are in the southeast part of the state.

However the southeast ones are likely out of the equation because the Rear Admiral present today said it should be closer to the Virginia Naval Base than North Carolina (Cherry Point) because it will be used much more.

The site would be an airstrip for F-18 Super Hornets to simulate night landings and takeoffs on aircraft carriers.

Cautious optimism for a happy ending was the theme from pretty much all sides.

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