Friday, September 07, 2007

Nifong behind bars...So, I was the reporter sent to get Mike Nifong heading into the Durham County Jail.

Let me tell you that was an experience. All of the sudden I see someone running and I get up and we sprint to the end of the block. As I look up, I see a huge group of people with two signs in front. The signs say "We believe in your integrity and goodness". They start coming toward us and I can't see Mr. Nifong. Suddenly, I do see him. 30 supporters or so were litereally surrounding him.

The supporters clearly were not happy to see us. I will admit we can be pushy and don't move fast when we try to get the shots, but it was a mob. A couple of the supporters kept telling me to get my microphone out of their face when it was no where near them. Then they kept putting their hands in front of our camera lenses and then one started trying to grab my microphone and knock it down. Another photographer could be heard "don't touch my camera" several times. Nifong and his supporters said nothing beyond that.

His supporters say "we love you" as he was sent in.

On another note-watch Political Connections tonight. LOL.

We take on the water supply issue. The head of Water Resources and the League of Municipalities join us for the show! 6:00pm tonight and 11am Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

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