Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another NC superdelegate for Obama?

I had an interesting conversation with Muriel Offerman, who is a North Carolina superdelegate.

Here's her response when I asked if she's still truly remained undecided?

"Yes, yes I have. I will say that I'm probably leaning more toward a decision now after the vote has been taken in North Carolina because that definitely tells me which candidate this state is backing."

She said she will not make any decision official or public though until after June 3rd when every state has held a vote. She said it will come some time in June, not necessarily the day after the final vote.

She has had only one call this week and it was from the Obama campaign. The rest came from reporters like myself!

She said the day Gov. Easley endorsed Hillary Clinton that Clinton asked her directly for her support but she told Sen. Clinton that she would not until the primary races were all over. She said Obama asked her on the phone for her support as well at one point.

In all, she has met with Clinton 3 times, Barack Obama once, Michelle Obama once and had numerous phone conversations with surrogates.

Should be interesting!

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