Monday, May 05, 2008

Sorry I've been MIA on the blog my my has it been busy busy busy trying to do the TV end of things little alone do all my web work as well.

On top of that I had my first wedding anniversary this weekend!

Anywho..I'm in a mad dash tonight as well but in case you haven't heard Obama will be in Raleigh Tuesday night (Clinton is in Indiana). I had a few minutes with him as well this afternoon. Here's the script for your reading pleasure..

GREENSBORO -- News 14 Carolina Senior Political Reporter Tim Boyum had a chance to talk with Barack Obama just minutes before he left North Carolina Monday night.

The Democratic presidential candidate held no public events in the state but did hold three private meetings with voters.

Posing for pictures just moments before takeoff, Obama leaves the state confident his message about the economy and gas prices will lead to victory.

"I think the Democratic party needs to be the party of the future and not the party of the past and that's what's going to be at stake tomorrow and I hope North Carolinians take the opportunity to seize that moment," Sen. Obama said.

Polls have him ahead as well. He wants Tar Heel voters to know that he believes he's the candidate to beat John McCain in November.

"If you elect Senator Clinton as the nominee then we're going to have the same election we had in 2000 and 2004," Obama added. "We've been bringing in new people in the process getting them excited and so I believe we can reach independents and even some Republicans that Senator Clinton simply cannot do."

Obama believes there are key differences between him and Clinton that will help propel him to victory Tuesday night.

"Are we going to tell the american people the truth about how we solve problems like high gas prices?" Obama asked. "On one hand Senator Clinton is talking about a gas tax holiday that her own husband when it was before him in 2000 said it was a gimmick."

Just in case you're curious,despite so many delegates at stake on Tuesday, he sleeps just fine the night before big votes.

"I tend to sleep like a rock the night before because we've been working so hard to get as many votes as possible," Sen. Obama said. "obviously on the day of the election you're out there scrambling trying to figure out what's going on. That's why we have the tradition of playing some basketball on election day just to get some of the nerves out."

With that the six week campaign ends, Obama boards plane, hoping he's done enough to secure a victory in North Carolina.

Senator Obama and his wife Michelle will watch Tuesday's results at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh. It is not open to the public. it is for invited guests only.

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