Thursday, May 15, 2008


That's the question being asked by pretty much everyone at the legislature. When will the budget get wrapped up.

Regardless of big issues on the table, it appears the honorables are 100% intent on putting together a budget and watching Raleigh in the rear view mirror as fast as possible.

All signs point to that happening. It was indeed a very quiet first week. No major surprises as lawmakers remain focus in various appropriation and subcommittee meetings.

I'm told both chambers have worked together for nearly two months and are pretty close to an agreement on big subjects. Governor Easley's surprise budget with sin taxes threw a small wrenth in that plan but lawmakers seem intent on doing what they want to do.

Most believe (hope) lawmakers will wrap up and be out of town by the middle of July if not sooner. Keep in mind they are supposed to be done with the budget by July 1st.

The House goes first and we could see their version sooner than later based on reports and how fast and furious these committee meetings are happening.

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