Thursday, May 01, 2008

Obama via satellite..

I had a chance to talk to Sen. Obama via satellite from Indiana today...

Here's a litte bit of what we talked about..

Short term gas price fix- He opposes 3 month gas tax holiday, supports $1000 middle class tax "cut"

Rev. Wright - believes it has hurt him in recent polls but hopes next 4-5 days will get back to the issues and it won't impact him any more.

Easley - wasn't surprised that he endorsed Clinton then went on to praise his own superdelegates (Reps. Watt, Price, Butterfield) and said Americans are more concerned with gas prices.

Missing layup against Hansbrough - upset he missed that moment and said it was really tough to keep up with "thoroughbreds"

You can see the full interview at or check out an hour long edition of Political Connections Friday at 6pm and Sunday at 11am.

Tomorrow I'll be working the late shift to cover the Jefferson-Jackson dinner. I believe we are planning on carrying the Obama, Clinton speeches on News 14 Carolina if you couldn't get a ticket.

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elme said...

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