Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Prez..

So, I spent the day on Fort Bragg covering President Bush. You can check out to see the story itself.

What a day. I arrived there around 6:45 this morning. We checked in and sat around until 8:15 when they put us on a coach bus and took us to the site. When we got there we went through another 25 minutes of security.

Finally about 9:00 we were all set and it was sunny and hot! But as it always is with President Bush, it started right on time and his speech was even 5 minutes earlier than expected.

He was almost in a campaign mode after the event. He avoided the stage and walked within 10 feet of us and shook hands with the crowd, which was mostly families of paratroopers.

I have to say it was quite a sight to see 16,000 parartroopers lined up in a field. It was incredible to see them all march by knowing what they have seen and where they have been. Many of them still have acne problems which reminds you how young some of these troops are.

One of those days that makes you think.

I'm off until Tuesday..a late post election trip/late anniversary trip!

Until then...

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